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Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX)

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Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX) is a crypto-currency exchange where brand tokens can be listed and developed. Especially small and medium enterprises, with good ideas, struggling to raise capital for development, can consider listing a brand token.

The requirements for listing are goodwill, a long term view and sufficient uncapitalized Intellectual Property and genuine good ideas, to back the tokens. Brand tokens are contractually backed by the difference between the liquidation value and the "going concern" value. The difference-value exists primarily because self-formed Intellectual Poperty assets cannot be capitalized, unless sold. IPPAEX makes it possible to sell the difference-value without selling a "going concern" as a whole.

Africahead will form the token on the Ethereum blockchain or advise about the formation of the token, if required.

To list a brand token on IPPAEX, Moyom (MYM) utility tokens must be purchased. Contact Africahead to get a quotation about the amount of MYM to buy, and to get more information about listing a brand token.

MYM is a utility token, to be used for payments. When MYM is liquid, it will be used to buy other brand tokens. Until then the capital raised in the form of crypto-currency, will be with other liquid ERC20 Ethereum tokens and ETH.

Brand tokens are comparable to shares. MYM is comparable to money. Some brand tokens are not securities, because the theories, backing the tokens, are not based on maximalist theories, used to value securities. A non-profit organisation, for example, can have a brand value, and its brand token will not be a security. Anyone considering a listing of a brand token, backed by maximalist theories, should make sure, securities law is complied with.

The word ipparts refers to Intellectual Property parts. International Accounting Standards prohibit the capitalization of most self formed Intellectual Property, on balance sheets, with accounting entries. Therefore the only way to capitalise goodwill is to sell it, and have others sharing in it. It is partly the reason for large differences between net asset values of listed stock companies and their market capitalizations. Ipparts Exchange is an exchange for ipparts, of businesses, which do not have their intellectual property, monetised elsewhere. Let's say hypothetically a large listed stock company decides to list ipparts. Unless shareholders agree to selling ipparts, representing intellectual property, the company will have to issue all ipparts to existing shareholders, similar to a rights offer, because shareholders already own the intellectual property, with the value reflected in the market capitalisation.

To comprehend better how IPPAEX works, read the short article at Medium and read about the brand tokens, listed below, and Moyom (MYM) utility token.

NB: Developing Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), MYM, and the brand tokens listed on IPPAEX are long term projects. No guarantees are given and the tokens should not be bought for retirement purposes or for short term profit.

Ticker Symbol & Trading Name & Terms Twitter Tag
AFA Africahead Ipparts $AFAipp
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DiP Divided Party $DiPtok
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N/A e.g. fonetones logo image fonetones N/A
Ticker Symbol & Trading Image & Terms Twitter Tag
N/A e.g. Triangle image N/A
Tokens will be listed in alphabetical Ticker order in the different sections mentioned above and new sections identified.

Currently Africahead runs Ipparts Exchange on LedgerDex and TokenJar:

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