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Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX)

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NB: Developing Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), MYM, and the brand tokens listed on IPPAEX are long term projects. No guarantees are given and the tokens should not be bought for retirement purposes or for short term profit.

On the Ethereum Blockchain

On the Binance (BNB) Smart Chain

The links below do not work with all browsers. Therefor, learning to know, how to use the exchange platform, to trade IPPAEX tokens, is important. Using the contract address, of each token, available on the individual webpages, must be done to ascertain, the correct token is traded. Each token must be added by each user self, on the trading platform. On LedgerDex, the pairs must be added, self, before the exchange counters are accessed.

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MYM Moyom logo image Moyom Utility Token $MYMuti @mdpienaar
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AFA Africahead Ipparts logo image Africahead Ipparts $AFAipp @mdpienaar
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DiP Divided Party logo image Divided Party $DiPtok @federal_sa
COPYRIGHT ON AN IMAGE & NAME plus URL plus application of an IDEA
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FON fonetones logo image fonetones $FONipp @fonetones
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KAE Triangle image Kaeuoi #Kaeuoi @mdpienaar
Tokens will be listed in alphabetical Ticker order in the different sections mentioned above and new sections identified.

Currently Africahead runs Ipparts Exchange on LedgerDex. If the trading pairs are not seen after accessing LedgerDex add the trading pairs self under "Marketplace" and "My Watchlist".

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MYM Exchange Counter
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Visit https://app.ledgerdex.com from the wallet browser and add IPPAEX tokens with the token addresses.

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The URL of the IPPAEX Token List can self be added to the Sushiswap and Uniswap token choices when swapping tokens.

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Investors can contact the current representative for Africahead, if they want to invest in Africahead equity. Download the proposal for a private placing of equity.

Reasoning in favor of IPPAEX

IPPAEX fills the funding gap between the time ideas originate and the time the fiat system funds development. Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences published a paper, about the funding gap.

IPPAEX has as objective the flattening of the M-Graph (originated partly from the smile curve research) of profitability.

M-Graph of profitability

IPPAEX, lists brand tokens, backed by 48% of brand values. Moyom (MYM) is the utility token. A monetary system on IPPAEX is planned in which no debt and no interest will be applicable. When MYM is liquid, MYM will be used to fund brands by buying brand tokens with MYM. Brand tokens will be issued by owners of brands, whilst MYM will be exchanged in return for the brand tokens. The issuers of the brand tokens will thus get interest free, debt free capital (MYM), they can use to develop their brands. The value of the brand tokens will fluctuate according to the value of the brands and the value of MYM will fluctuate, primarily according to the supply/demand theory like other utility currencies.

IPPAEX is based on capital of ideas (intequity), which has existed for 1000s of years, but a word never formed to name it. The new word naming capital of ideas is intequity.

Copy of the first file, in which the word intequity was used on 7 October 2009. Soon after the word formed, the same file or another similar file was uploaded to the Internet on the Africahead website. The file explains how the phenomenon, intequity, was then explained. The concept has not changed much. Much Intequinism, comprehending better how the phenomenon works, happened since then. Ipparts is a portmanteau word, which formed from Intellectual Property Parts. After 7 October 2009 the word intequity was/is being used by unknown others as business names.

Much of the trouble in the world, is caused by socialist/capitalist and marxist conviction in, only the labour theory of capital. To summarize, in Plato's book The Republic, Socrates said "gods and goddesses" are honest and have good ideas, changing society. Research has shown, honesty causes logical thinking and having good ideas, because realistic puzzles in minds are formed from true puzzle pieces in minds. Before the Eucharist/Mass, people who changed society, with their good ideas, were murdered/sacrificed and their ideas were developed. The Eucharist/Mass changed murdering/sacrificing to ostracism/excommunication/outlawing. Currently, stock exchange companies develop ideas gathered with the "intelligence" system from people with good ideas. In capitalist/socialist countries, the-honest, with good ideas, often become vagrants, due to societal Caiaphas Syndrome and ostracism. Groups, for example the free-masons, "intelligence-agencies" of countries, and religious groups, focus on the gathering of good ideas, and in the West, utilitarian distribution of good ideas in the main stream media. The groups' members must "work", filling all employment positions, not developing their own ideas. Good ideas are gathered from society, by such groups, and distributed by the top leaders of the groups, among their members, for development. Because such groups are close to the fiat money generating system, they develop most ideas, whilst fiat currencies pay for raw materials and labour. The-honest, with good ideas, not being part of such groups, thus, do not have much chance of developing their own ideas, because they do not have access to group power and fiat money. The most common lie used to ostracize honest people, whilst "imparting" their ideas, is idolatry, whilst accusing honest people of thinking they each "is God", "Mother of God", "Father" etc.

The industrial revolution caused much unemployment and eventual wars, because the rulers then, convicted only in the labour theory of capital. Currently, something similar as during the industrial revolution is happening, with artificial "intelligence", partly causing unemployment and possible wars. A cause of it is Old Testament conviction, that, dignity and respect are earned, by "working" six days a week and resting one day, without considering "working", often is the development of "imparted intelligence". A new logical term, published during the 1990s, indicated a societal syndrome, called Caiaphas Syndrome, is relevant. Karl Marx and Engels e.g. who published a book called Holy Family, showed symptoms of the syndrome, whilst referring to the Bauer brothers. In capitalist/socialist utilitarian constitutions, "imparting of ideas" is a "human" right. "Imparting of ideas", without remunerating for good ideas, is evil, requiring dishonesty. Ideas are common property, due to fallacious utilitarian philosophy/religions. Paying bonuses for good ideas, e.g. did not become law, after the fall of feudalism. Only hourly labour payments were instituted. Currently only some organisations pay their employees for good ideas. This difference among organisations, regarding remuneration for good ideas, is a primary indication of belief in new-capitalism or conviction in utilitarian old-capitalism. The utilitarian "human" right, called "imparting of ideas", centralises, most good ideas for development, at a privileged few deceivers or "noble" (subjective Truth) despots (not respecting Love), close to the dominant monetary system, via the "intelligence" systems.

IPPAEX is built with the belief, people who produce intequity (capital of ideas), caused by honesty, should be considered more favorably than currently. People with good ideas, from whom ideas are "imparted", should have opportunity to develop their own ideas, with others, because they comprehend it best, with others. For that to happen, currency however is necessary. IPPAEX aims to supply that currency. The way currency enters societies should change. IPPAEX focuses on new ways, capital is activated in societies, with the emphasis on intequity (capital of ideas), combined with labour.

With regard to politics, convictions about "making a living", based only on the labour theory of capital, cause many false theories and unnecessary "goods", based on deceit, bad for the environment, and health of societies. The words "job", "work" and "labour" should be redefined to include more recreational activities, due to artificial intelligence, causing unemployment. IPPAEX can play a role with regard to such a redefining of words, supplying capital, based on new definitions. An idea is, for example, to monetize brand-values/goodwill, which are not only based on maximum profit and dividends. Another idea is to expand the meaning of "labour", to include doing art and playing sport, for which MYM might be issued when it is liquid. Such issues will however have to include a cooperation agreement among artists and sports players, because only some become successful. The success cannot be predicted when practicing starts.

Description of IPPAEX

Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX) is a crypto-currency exchange where brand tokens can be listed and developed. Especially small and medium enterprises, with good ideas, struggling to raise capital for development, can consider listing a brand token. It is interest free capital and holders may not apply for liquidation, like lenders can. Selling part of a brand, means the part cannot be sold again in future, as a going-concern. If a going-concern is sold in future, the holders of brand tokens must be respected. A going-concern selling value should therefore theoretically decrease, after a brand token is listed, because part of the brand-value/goodwill is then held by the token holders.

Requirements for listing

The requirement for listing is goodwill; a long term view and sufficient uncapitalized Intellectual Property and genuine good ideas, to back the tokens. Brand tokens are contractually backed by 48% of the difference between the net book value (equity book value) and the "going concern" value of an organisation. The difference-value exists primarily because self-formed Intellectual Property may not be recorded in book value, unless sold. IPPAEX makes it possible to sell part of the difference-value without selling a "going concern" as a whole. It is also a good way to form awareness about a new brand.

Africahead will form the token on the Ethereum blockchain or advise about the formation of the token, if required.

To list a brand token on IPPAEX, a fee must be paid, but it is a percentage of capital raised. Therefore anyone with good ideas can raise capital. It is not necessary to first pay for a listing and then raise capital, like on most exchanges. Contact Africahead to get a quotation about the fee, and to get more information about listing a brand token.

Distinction between utility currency and brand tokens

MYM is a universal utility token, to be used for any payments. MYM is used on IPPAEX to buy brand tokens. The reason is to make MYM liquid. Africahead issues MYM in a way, that, MYM's value correlate with the total value of the brand tokens. Africahead and other owners of MYM will buy new brand tokens being listed, to fund the development of the brands. The value of MYM is currently calculated roughly as the total estimated value of brand tokens, divided by the total MYM issued to other parties than Africahead.

Brand tokens are comparable to shares. MYM is comparable to money. Brand tokens are not securities though, because the theories, backing the tokens, are not necessarily based on maximalist theories, used to value securities. A non-profit organisation, for example, can have a brand value, and its brand token will not be a security. Anyone considering a listing of a brand token, backed by maximalist theories, should make sure, securities law is complied with.


The word ipparts refers to Intellectual Property parts of the brand tokens. International Accounting Standards prohibit the capitalization of most self formed Intellectual Property, on balance sheets, with accounting entries. Therefore the only way to capitalise goodwill is to sell it, and have others sharing in it. It is partly the reason for large differences between net book values (equity book values) of listed stock companies and their market capitalizations. Most people however have not realized that the difference can be primarily ascribed to "imparting of ideas" from Socrates's "gods and goddesses", who are ostracized/outlawed and usually become criminals, terrorists or vagrants. Ipparts Exchange is an exchange for ipparts, of organisations, which do not have their intellectual property, monetised elsewhere. Let's say hypothetically a large listed stock company decides to list ipparts. Unless shareholders agree to selling ipparts, representing intellectual property, the company will have to issue all ipparts to existing shareholders, similar to a rights offer, because shareholders already "own" the intellectual property, with the value reflected in the market capitalisation. How things will develop, is difficult to predict, because of "imparting of ideas". Who the "real owners" are can be disputed on philosophical anti-utilitarian grounds.

Ipparts are only applicable at brand tokens and the number of ipparts of a token must be expressed in words, in order to use the quantity theory to calculate the value of an ippart, by dividing a value by the number of ipparts in one calculation. Cryptocurrency tokens can have large decimal numbers, which make the calculation of value per smallest unit (ippart in the case of brand tokens), insignificant. For MYM, the utility currency of IPPAEX, the quantity theory of value is not as relevant as the supply/demand theory, because MYM has 18 decimals and a very large number of authorised tokens. The number of smallest units (not ipparts) of MYM cannot be expressed in words.

To comprehend better how IPPAEX works, read about the brand tokens and Moyom (MYM) utility token.

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