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Investors can contact the current representative for Africahead at the contact details, if they want to invest in Africahead equity:intequity. At the AFA Term's page a White Paper, which explains a proposal for equity:intequity and cryptocurrency funding, can be downloaded.

Current Projects

IPPARTS EXCHANGE: New-capitalist theory.
Africahead is currently raising capital with Africahead Ipparts (AFA), an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network.
Moyom (MYM), also an ERC20 token, is a "universal" token anyone may use in their DApp, and/or to transact on the Ethereum network.
Intequinism, a new philosophy, against idolatry / messianism / satanism, promoting the ideas Truth and Love above all.
A new political party: Divided Party (DiP).
fonetones is a website where ringtones, teaching music, when the phone rings, can be bought.
Prospective authors.
Books and other publications: Current authors.
BLOGS: Reading and writing with the ideas Truth and Love above, in mind.
PRODUCTS: Africahead goods and services, supplied whilst using Intequinism as economic theory.
Google Classroom: Code = zdcuwg.
Important news topics.
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