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Currently interest-free, subordinated time based equity and intequity investments can be made at Africahead. By “subordinated time based” is meant; when investors want their capital back from Africahead, it will be repaid as and when capital is available, after paying first, earlier investors, who want their capital back. The plan is to eventually let investments be traded as shares/currency in Africahead. Africahead will register transfers. No interest, but dividends can be relevant on the investments. The investments are  therefore not loans but equity and intequity. For each ZAR 1000’000 (about USD 80’000) investment accepted, investors acquire, with ZAR4 a 4% share of Africahead and fonetones. Each ZAR 1000’000 investment is divided between ZAR 999’996 intequity and ZAR 4 equity, which represents 4% of Africahead and fonetones. If intequity is not required back, equity investments, paid for in conjunction with intequity, grow or fall in value, according to the market. If intequity is required back and paid back fully, equity investments change in proportion to the intequity repaid, as ratio of the original investment, but at least 2% of Africahead and fonetones will be kept, for each ZAR 1000’000 investment.

Investors can contact the current representative for Africahead at this email address.

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